How do ideas become reality at Trinity? If individuals in the congregation have a good idea for ministry, we most often invite that person to work with our ministry Boards. A Board is a group of volunteers led by one of our elected church council members that, in conversation with the ministry staff, implement the ministries of the congregation. Trinity has six Boards.

Board of Worship: Gathering to worship God to hear the Word and be strengthen through the Sacraments is central to Trinity Lutheran Church. People with a variety of skills are invited to serve with the group including, musicians, people with artistic and media skills, and good organizers who help train the dozens of volunteers needed each week to serve at our three weekly worship services.

Board of Education: Designs and encourages educational ministries for all ages. This includes Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, family service projects, adult Bible studies, and special educational projects like the development of the Trinity Lutheran Preschool.

Board of Outreach: Welcomes new members into the congregation through new member orientations that are held several times each year and helps the congregation serve in the community. This Board works closely with our Faith in Action Committee organizing Blood Drives, serving at The Banquet, creating care packages for college students, and making sure the church freezer is full of meals for people who would appreciate a home cooked meal.

Board of Stewardship: Stewardship has been described as every decision we make after we say “yes” to following Jesus. The members of this Board challenge members of the congregation to examine their personal priorities related to how they use their time and resources. Because Trinity has a broad-based understanding of stewardship, this board oversees the Wellness Committee and the Financial Peace University class.

Board of Property: Members of the congregation who have skills related to the design and upkeep of facilities share their talents through the Board of Property. Their work is making sure that the congregation’s facilities are meeting the ministry needs of the congregation, for example, remodelling a room for youth ministry or converting our lighting system to high efficiency LEDs.

Board of Youth and Family: Tea is a very young community and ministry to youth and their families is continually on our minds. This board oversees the development of new ministries related to the milestones in families' lives, makes sure we have an active and healthy high school youth group, helps young people and families attend Bible camps, and looks for ways to serve youth.



Board of Education: Brooke Boots, Board of Outreach: Richard Holland, Board of Property: Dave Heibult, Board of Stewardship: Maria Campbell, Board of Worship and Music: Jeremy Brech, Board of Youth and Family: Laura Stewart, Youth Representative: Ben Daggett


Vice President: Brent Peterson, Secretary: Nikki Wilken, President: Maggie Saugstad, Treasurer: Tommy Pollema